French Life Immersion & Intensive Classes


Royal Tropical Institute – Evelien KAMMINGA

« […]This experience was excellent in every aspect![…] »

Stefania Pirovano, Study Abroad Coordinator

« […]Mr Ravarino’s feedback on his French course is totally positive!
He is thinking about coming back next year and do a full immersion course[…] »

United Nations – Kirsten Young, New Zealand/Head of Office, International Center for Transitional Justice, Nepal

« […]she finds the way that you learn best and uses it. I first went in 2006 for just over a week and got so much out of it, I went back for 3 weeks in 2008. I have since passed the UN exam for French, which means that I technically can work in the language in a UN mission. In my last post I was able to use the French in my work, a liberating feeling. But I think the best part is that it gave me the confidence to speak and express myself.[…]
In all the years I have studied different languages, this method was the most successful for me.[…]

IUCN LogoIUCN International Union for Conservation of Nature – Steve Edwards, manager of IUCN socio economic programme

« […]Those two weeks were two of the most exhausting in my life, but also one of the most fulfilling experiences I have ever had.
Claire’s approach is direct, but gentle. The first half of each day was spent in formal classes, learning basic rules of grammar, conjugating verbs, practising pronunciation, learning phrases and building vocabulary. The remainder of the day is Set aside for bicycling to local villages, shopping in the local markets, having coffee or drinks with friends. In short, practicing what you learn by engaging in normal day to day activities.
Sounds simple, but I am very much aware of where I started and how much more confident I am with French today.[…] »

Lear Corporation LogoLear Corporation Mexican Operations – Osvaldo (Dino) de Falco, President. (ex european director of Delphi – Steering Systems – General Motors group)

« Dear Claire,
[…]very intense and instructive, as were the lively discussions shared with your friends.[…] »

IUCN LogoIUCN International Union for Conservation of Nature – Yolanda Kakabadse, President.

« Claire,
You are a marvelous and extraordinary woman. Fan-tas-tic!!!
Thank you for everything… »

BASF logoElastogran Frace, BASF Group – Wolfram FRANK, President

« […]In my eighth year in France, I strive always to enrich and deepen all you taught me, which continues to bring me excellent memories.[…] »

Richard Braund

« Your program was a marvelous and efficient way to learn French.« 

Mike Acreman

« My stay was less a course than an entire education….Three weeks (instead of two) would have been better!« 

delphi logoDELPHI – Daniela de Falco

« I really enjoyed what we did, my professor and I. That was really pleasant.« 

Mikel Allen

« The benefits of this total French immersion would have been difficult to attain in a large city: here everything was very interesting, nice, and useful for my progress. I’m waiting impatiently for the next course. »


« […]My stay on the Ile de Re was a memorable experience.
I am very content and very happy finally to be able to speak in french.
This wouldn’t have been possible without you. You have given me more than you can imagine.
.[…] »

CUEFA LogoCentre Universitaire d’Education et de Formation des Adultes Grenoble – Nicole FESSLER, Responsable du Département des Formations de Base

« Madame Monin possède un réel don de pédagogue, don qu’elle cultive par ces recherches personnels constantes, dans ce domaine. Elles prépare ces cours avec compétence, finesse et enthousiasme. Elle veille à l’homogénéité et la cohésion des groupes. Elle est attentive aux sensibilités parfois opposées des participants. Les étrangers qui suivent ou ont suivi son enseignement ont souligné la rapidité de leurs progrès en français, l’aide de Madame Monin leur a apporté dans des problèmes d’intégrations à la vie grenobloise, le vif intérêt de ses cours, dû, en particulier, à sa culture et à son ouverture d’esprit.
Mes vœux chaleureux l’accompagne dans la suite de sa carrière professionnelle. »

Ill LogoIll : Neutron For Science – Madame Chollet, Chef du Service des Relations Sociales/Formation

« […] Mme Claire Monin has been a French teacher at the Institute Laue-Langevin since January 15, 1981. She teaches French classes to our foreign personnel, who have different nationalities. She has developed an intense and very enlivening course of French grammar.
Mme Monin posses a real pedagogical gift. She prepares her courses with skill, finesse, and enthusiasm. She attends to the homogeneity and cohesion of each group..[…] »

Jeffrey et Ann Grausam

Our sessions with you were the culmination of our vacation in France. Thank you so much for your patience, for your extraordinary skill in teaching. Your friends were very nice and we were happy to get to know them. We both feel that we have made considerable progress, especially in our spoken French.

Jeremy Carson

I’m writing to thank you for the weeks I spent with you on the Ile de Re. I feel much stronger and more confident than before. I found your style of life very stimulating and I believe it will from now on influence my style of living. I hope we will stay in contact.

Janet Rhodes (Great Britain)

I wanted to thank you for the week I spent on the Ile de Re. I really appreciated your course. I hope to have the chance to do another in the future.

Vicky VERMAARK ( South Africa)

I loved all our lessons[…] The experience was fantastic. I was happy to meet your friends and to visit their homes. They were so kind to me and « J’ai eu beaucoup l’occasion de pratiquer mon française » without problem !

GIBBS David (Great Britain)

I profited greatly from my time with you. Really, this experience was brilliant and your welcome was tremendous. Thank you for everything. I am now going to study to pass the DELF B2.

DONOVAN Howard (Great Britain)

Claire’s training style is adaptable and at times subtle. Often, I didn’t even notice that she was assessing and coaching. I just thought we were getting coffee, or chatting to a coffee shop owner. The day was split into some conceptual French, going shopping, getting coffee, some more theory, some time to myself for revision, dinner with others (a real ordeal for me!). All the usual times when the conversation skills are most needed. There’s no shortage of people who’ll want a chat and the conversations will flow without problem at your language level.
Claire’s pretty good at gauging energy levels and adjusting the intensity. I found the fastest application of learning was when meeting others and forcing myself to speak.
Claire’s got great patience, is encouraging, constantly corrects without making you feel stupid and explains the same thing as often as needed. She’s a good teacher and a decent person and can be quite droll. We had a good rapport, which I think was the key to my success.

Tal RABINOWITZ (United States)

You taught me more than I ever could have imagined!!!

Cécila EDWARDS (Scotland)

I simple whist to tank you for a delightful and useful three days on the île de Ré

Ona (Lituanie), ex députée européenne

I passed my French language exam, which means I will be able to obtain my French citizenship. And for this, I thank you enormously because you have been my first and best professor.