French Life Immersion & Intensive Classes

Intensive French Courses


There is no stress involved : your 10 hours of total French immersion each day will not leave you tired out or overwhelmed. Some evening activities will last well beyond 8 pm, and it is your enthusiasm that will carry you through.

Only private classes will allow you fully to meet your goals. These intensive French courses can be organized for 2 people (friend, colleague or family).

Have a look to the tuition time table, here.


If you are an absolute beginner, your intensive French course time will be divided between theory and practice.

Let's Work !

In the morning, you will learn the basics: how to introduce yourself, how to count, and how to ask standard questions. You will then be placed in a variety of situations which will help you to put your knowledge to work. For example, you will be accompanied by your instructor as you go to the bakery to buy bread. You will ask how much it costs before you decide on a purchase. On the way there, you will be introduced to a new person that will give you the opportunity to introduce yourself in French.

Over lunch, you will learn the names of the wines and dishes you are tasting, and will comment on the meal.

In the afternoon, your instructor will accompany you on a tour of the island. At the end of the day, you will reinforce your newly-acquired knowledge through a series of exercises and games.


If you are an experienced beginner, and feel your progress is too slow; if you aspire to speak French with increased spontaneity, and you would like to be able to keep up with the normal pace of a French conversation, it is the option of the intensive French courses that you will select.

First, your instructor will identify your stumbling blocks. Drawing on a variety of strategies, she will help you to overcome the obstacles to your expression. You will then be placed in situations that will help you to express yourself more easily in French. With the help of your instructor, you will correct your recurring errors, master verb tense and enrich your vocabulary through reading as well as by the use of audio and video means. You will also master everyday French and learn some slang for good measure. This course is designed primarily for those desiring intensive training in French comprehension and oral expression.

By the end of the first week of classes, you will begin to communicate easily and will be able to understand everyday French expressions.


If you already speak French more or less fluently but you need help in understanding nuances in conversation and in expressing yourself clearly and rapidly in the midst of a debate, then select this level in intensive French courses.

Through numerous educational tools, you will overcome your grammatical errors,  increase your vocabulary and adopt idiomatic expressions.

Throughout the length of your intensive French courses , you will have the opportunity to converse with local residents : this will allow you  to practice and identify different levels of language.