French Life Immersion & Intensive Classes

« Art de Vivre »



Far from the madding crowd, visit Charente-Maritime and the Gironde, one of the most beautiful French regions.

And take a memorable walk in Paris in the company of your instructor.

La route des vins: In the Médoc region, each village estate evokes the name of a grand cru of international distinction. And each wine-making estate has its own special character: you will visit a few of these estates, where you will learn how to look at wine, how to analyze its color, how to breathe in its aroma, and then how to taste it…

(Wine-making estates are open only Monday to Friday… September and October are not the best time to visit.)

La Rochelle, one of France’s most famous cities, rich in more than 900 years of history.

Rochefort , where you can enjoy the classic beauty of the  » Corderie royale « , not far from the replica of the frigate which Lafayette used when he went to the aid of American revolutionary rebels.

At the end of each visit, your instructor will help you to summarize your impressions and descibre what attracted you most.

After enjoying all these new places, come and relax on the Ile de Ré where various activities await you.
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Intensive and Intensive « Relax » courses are also available in Paris.

You can also take a memorable tour, with your teacher, of the capital most prestigious places (quotation on request).

At the end of each visit, your instructor will help you to summarize, in french, your impressions and descibre what attracted you most.

Good wine and good food have always helped to bring people closer together, and can also help to untie your tongue and have you speaking French with ease in no time.

In a spirit of conviviality and sharing, you will be guided in your culinary discoveries by a chef and a sommelier.

Enologist Jean-Philippe will guide you in your choice of wines to match with meals according to the occasion, the season and your budget and taste.

For example, you will learn whether or not champagne goes with foie gras, whether or not to serve a dry white wine before a red wine, and at what temperature. You will also test the wines with your newly acquired wine-tasting skills.

Master chef Bernard will transmit his love of cooking to you : depending on the season, you will learn how to prepare a traditional dish using local products. You will also lunch or dine in his famous bistro.

In your instructor’s home, you will learn how foie gras is made, and will have the opportunity to taste it at the table in the company of others.